Graphics VS art style

Earlier on in the project, I had a misconception that Graphics was a term very closely tied to a game’s art style. As I have looked more into the matter, I have realised that, whilst graphics have a had a large impact on how art styles have been developed over the years, art styles have often been created regardless of the technology available at the time.

A good way of being able to tell this is by looking at the development of the Character driven games (Sonic, Mario, Rare games ECT). Initially, these games were created when graphics were far more limited (NES, N64 ect) which limited how expressive their animations could be and how detailed their assets could be. As technology has increased, these games have, for the most part (Barring spin off’s) kept a very similar and identifiable art style that has only increased in quality with technology’s advancement. Another good example of this would be to compare the upcoming “Yooka Laylee” to its primary inspiration “Banjo Kazoie” on the N64. Both are heavily focused on characters and bright vibrant worlds and the only real difference in their art style is the quality of the assets on display.

With the dawn of VR and advanced graphics processing technology, video game graphics are likely to constantly increase (although at varying speeds) as time goes on. However, whilst new avenues might allow for art style trends to develop, often times they will not develop due to technology’s development rather based on how people interact with it.


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