Outcomes – Series analysis/Final essay

For my final outcomes for this project, I have wanted to pinpoint exactly what constitutes an art style and how it affects the rest of the game (Design, sound and narrative). One idea I have had to do this throughout the project would be to compare a few different, long running series and examine how their art styles have changed and what common elements have kept them identifiable as the series they belong to. By examining how different series manage to stay distinct despite decisively differing art styles, I should be able to hone in on exactly what constitutes an art style and how they are designed to fit certain themes/genres.

One I have examined a few different examples and have a good amount of knowledge on the subject, I will write an essay revolving around what I have learned about art styles as a whole and where they fit in terms of games development. Also examining the best ways art styles and visuals can be used as design aspects will hopefully better showcase my understanding. Hopefully, with the project completed, I’ll have advanced my understanding of visual design significantly. Over the upcoming semester, ill be examining various art styles and how they effect the games they have been designed for. Ill also examine the various elements that make up a games art direction (Which I will collate in my final essay) and development of game visuals over the course of the game industry’s history.

I am looking forward to reading more into these matters and learning more about how visuals have functioned previously and hopefully getting a good idea of how they will develop in the future.


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