Personal history with Art

In college, I studied Art, graphics and a BTEC in creative media production (Games). I had a great interest in illustration and the visual side of the games industry. Initially I had wanted to animate for video games but towards the end of my courses, I decided I wanted to enter as an asset production artist/Illustrator. Every opportunity I have had I have bought and read concept art books for games and film, always interested in the concepts behind the final works. Behind the scenes DVD’s also often helped get a good idea of how the art production pipeline functioned in the games industry

After graduating college, I took a foundation course in Art at a different local college to prepare myself for an art university course. Here I learnt more techniques both in techniques and research. Researching art movements and studying some basic art history gave me a much greater apreation for the subject than I had before. Unfortunately due to both my own skill not being of university quality and family issues, I was not able to complete the course and instead, thanks to my high college grades in Creative media production, I was able to enter Abertay on the Games design and production management course.

Although I have keen interest in the visual side of gaming, I also enjoyed designing them and having been playing them since a young age, I wanted to help create them in a way that best suited my skill set (Which happens to be design focused). Despite my current design focus, I have not lost my fondness for the visual side of gaming and I still want to find ways to use it in my designs in some way, shape or form. With that in mind, researching it like this will hopefully lead to some revelations in its use as a design tool as well as its place in the final product. I also need to start considering a Vision statement for my project and I have come up with a number of questions that I could base my research around that I will need to spend time considering. For example:

  • What constitutes an art style

  • What makes an art style suit its Genre or Target audience

  • Can all art styles work for all kinds of games

  • How does a games art style effect player behaviour and mood

I will need to consider these carefully whilst I research further.


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