Decision and reasoning

I have spent some time considering the topics I have covered thus far and I have decided on covering my “Art styles and their uses in the games industry” Topic for the moment. This is primary due to the fact that I love the visual side of the games industry and its one that I find the most interesting.

Whilst many games seem to lack a distinct art style (Instead using high quality graphics and a realistic style instead, often stripping the game of a distinct visual identity) the more standout examples of my gaming history have had art styles that still stick in my head today. Each generation of consoles and gaming in general has had overlying visual themes with set visual styles becoming more popular and even iconic for the console. An example of this would be the more Graphic intensive, less stylistic Art styles of the XBOX360/PS3 when compared to the more stylistic focused N64 and PS1.

I believe this topic is ripe for experimentation and research for a number of topics such as :

  • The differences between graphics and Art style

  • Defining an Art style

  • Art styles and their interaction with narrative, gameplay and sound design

  • Art styles throughout a series history

  • Development of Trends in the Visual side of the games industry

  • And more..

Whilst I do not yet have a vision statement and final topic pinpointed, I think this area would be the most interesting as far as my own personal tastes are concerned. Considering I will have to stay on topic for the remainder of this semester and all of the the next, I wanted to ensure I chose a topic I felt could be expanded upon as necessary and would keep my interest. I believe in this choice, I have achieved that.


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