Initial Thoughts

I am now entering my 3rd year at Abertay university and have been tasked with undertaking a research project of my choosing for the next 2 semesters. This blog will be a place to cover any research done on the topic of my choosing.

As far as I can tell, the requirements for this are very free-form and will allow me to select whatever kind of theme I want. This is good because I have many different interests as far as the gaming industry is concerned and being able to choose the one that interests me the most is exciting.

Coming from both a design and art background (Thanks to college courses in both art and design), Both areas are of high interest to me and I am hoping to base my research around one of them.

The next couple of posts on this blog should cover some of the various topics I could carry forward as potential research topics. I figure at this early stage of my course, giving a variety of ideas decent consideration will ensure that what I spend my time researching over the following months will stay relevant to my interests and allow me to produce sufficient work in relation to it.

That being said, there is a large margin for error at this early stage. If I get a month in and decide that a topic is not working out, it would be better to switch onto another idea than continue with a broken idea. With this in mind, I need to give a variety of ideas decent consideration to provide strong fallback options.

The games industry is growing fast and with new areas of interest entering the mainstream everyday such as Esports gaining relevancy and new ethical standards being argued, there is not shortage of topics that could be topical for the games industry of today. Likewise, looking backwards at our history might be a good way of seeing how we have created in the past and what lessons can be taken to the future.

With this project, I hope to discover, if not for others then at least for my own good, something new that will change how I view an aspect of the games industry.


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